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How to Establish the
Confraternity of Christian Mothers
at Your Parish


See Chapter 2 of the Manual for Directors and Officers,

which can be purchased by calling the National Office.  

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1)  Contact the National Office to determine if a charter exists (active or inactive) in your area.  Click here!

2) If an inactive charter exists, seek the approval of your pastor to reestablish the chapter.

3)  If no charter exists, ask your pastor to fill out an Application for Affiliation (.pdf or .docx) and send it to the Ordinary of the Diocese.

4)  Once it has been signed and returned to the pastor, forward the application to the Director General of the Archconfraternity (currently Fr. Joseph Tuscan) who will fill out and forward a Diploma of Affiliation.  

5)  From the date the diploma is issued, the new Confraternity shares in all the indulgences and privileges of the Archconfraternity.  Now the “real life” of the Confraternity begins! 


While you are waiting on your Diploma of Affiliation to be issued, purchase and read a copy of the “Hand Book for Officers of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers."  An online version is available here.  Work with your Father Director (pastor) to appoint or hold officer elections for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  


Once your Diploma of Affiliation has been issued, have a Solemn Reception Ceremony to enroll members and have them sign your local Confraternity’s Register of Members.  Then you can have an official Installation of Officers ceremony.  The founding officers will draft and approve Bylaws and any Special Statutes of their Confraternity, including principal and indulgences feast days.  Additional information can be found in the Manual for Directors and Officers and the Hand Book for Officers.

Call or email Jill Turok with any questions!   

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