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September 15: Plenary Indulgence for Enrolled Members

A plenary indulgence is available on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (September 15) for the enrolled members of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers To gain this, one must fulfill the usual conditions and make or renew, at least privately, her promise faithfully to observe the rules of the association.

The usual conditions are: 1) Confession, 2) Communion, and 3) Prayer for the Intentions of the Holy Father.

To renew your consecration, you may recite this prayer from Mother Love, which is the same prayer recited during the Solemn Reception Ceremony upon enrollment: Consecration of a Christian Mother to the Mother of Sorrows (To be renewed each year, especially, on the principal feast of the Confraternity.)

Most holy Virgin, conceived without sin, Mother of Sorrows, to show my love and veneration towards you, I consecrate and devote myself to you as your perpetual servant. I resolve henceforth to be your true child, and to fulfill towards you all the duties of a child: reverence, love, and obedience. Take me therefore, O my Mother, under your motherly shelter and care. By your intercession and merits aid and protect me in all my necessities, and make me always know and accomplish with all my heart what is pleasing to you, and what you wish me to do. Especially teach me how to educate my children according to your mind. Let them, and all the children of the other members of our Confraternity be recommended to your Sorrowful Heart. Be henceforth to them a loving Mother, full of grace and tenderness. Have pity, too, on all my family, help us in every need, save us from every evil of body and soul, and obtain for all of us a happy death. Amen.

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